Our Sweet Story

Glazey Days Donuts was founded in 2012 on one simple principle: To Make People Happy. And we do it, bite by delicious bite.

Since then, we've added a trailer, expanded the menu, and put our gourmet mini donuts in more mouths than we can count. But one thing that's never changed is our customer service. We insist on the highest quality ingredients and then serve everything with a smile.

One taste of our freshly-made gourmet mini donuts will spoil you instantly. Our toppings take decadence to the next level, which include homemade seasonal fruit compotes using recipes from Diane's own collection (that's her on the left). We have our traditional favorite combinations as well as seasonal flavors so you’ll always have something fun to try.

Glazey Days Donuts travels to different venues and is always available to cater any size wedding, corporate event, party or fundraiser.

Thank you for visiting and we’ll see you soon!